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With over 40 years of experience and hundreds of happy clients, Allergy Testing is dedicated to transforming lives through our comprehensive allergy testing services and sharing knowledge on gut health and healing practices.

We believe that our bodies are like empty barrels at birth, gradually filling up with various challenges as we grow older.

These challenges lead to inflammation and imbalances that manifest as symptoms affecting our overall well-being.

Through our advanced allergy testing, we aim to identify the specific triggers and sensitivities that contribute to these imbalances.

But our mission doesn't stop at testing alone. We also strive to share knowledge and empower individuals with the tools they need to bring their bodies back to balance.

We understand that true healing involves not just addressing allergies and intolerances but also nurturing gut health.

By adjusting our habits, diet, and thinking, we can support the healing process and become whole again. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized guidance and recommendations that extend beyond testing results.

We believe in the power of education and actively share insights on gut health and healing practices, helping our clients make informed decisions about their well-being.

Through our combined expertise in allergy testing and gut health, we offer a holistic approach to wellness.

We are committed to guiding our clients on their healing journey, restoring balance, and empowering them to live their lives to the fullest.

We use Bicom bio-resonance class 2A medical device to identify which foods and substances cause a drop inย clients' energy, which then can be concluded they cause inflammation in the body.


Elimination diet schedule and supplementation advice produced at the end of the testing to bring back the balance to our gut health.


Your consultation:

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In-depth consultation diving deep into your eating and lifestyle habits.

Non-invasive testing with class 2A medicalย devices (43% of medical devices in the USA are classed the same category). Bicom company was founded 35 years ago in Germany.

Elimination diet advice with herbal supplementsย introduction to allow theย body to reduce the stressors and activateย healing potential.

How the technology works is described in the video below:

Bicom Step by Step

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